Bienvenidos a Maquila Paraguay

The Maquila Regime offers a unique opportunity for investors that wish to benefit from better conditions offered by Paraguay and by the Maquila system, in order increase greatly their competitiveness.

The Maquila Regime is a system in which goods are produced and services are provided for the international market. It has as its main objectives:  industrial development, employment generation and increased exports. The production of products or provision of services is made by company legally established in Paraguayan territory, which is the Maquila company, for and on behalf of a company domiciled abroad, which is the Head Office according to the Maquila Contract.

In Paraguay, the Maquila Regime has its origin in the Law Nº 1064 of the year 1997, and is protected by the Decree Nº 9585 from the year 2000.

The main objectives of this regulatory framework are to promote the establishment of Maquila companies in Paraguay and to regulate their operations.

The National Council of the Export Maquila Industry (CNIME) is the official promoter of the Maquila policies in Paraguay. It is directed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and it is composed by four more State institutions: Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Central Bank of Paraguay and Technical Planning State Office.

The Executive Office of CNIME   is in charge of ensuring the implementation of the Maquila Law and its regulations. This Office is responsible for promoting activities that help to generate optimal regulatory and operational conditions for the development of the regime. Also it is responsible for promoting the Regime, in order to achieve the incorporation of new companies to the Maquila Regime.

Among several services offered by the Executive CNIME include: permanent accompaniment in the presentation of programs, management of procedures, provision of information and links to various ministries, the private sector and financial institutions, among others. Also it has after care services to Maquila companies regarding their administration and operations (import and export procedures).

Since it started, the Maquila Regime has proved to be a genuine tool to support the development of our national economy. In Maquila, not only products stamped "made in Paraguay" have traveled the world making our country known, but also those services that Paraguayan men and women are providing to the rest of the world with great quality through our call centers or chat services, and also through  the design of computer software  done in a 100%  by national labor.


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