Quiénes Somos: CNIME - Consejo Nacional de la Industria Maquiladora de Exportación


Maquila is an investments attraction regime, through which goods and services are locally produced in Paraguay, with great benefits for local and foreign investors.

To Whom and How it benefits?

The person who is benefited:
A national or foreigner who has set up a company in Paraguay that bears some relationship with another company located abroad. It can be a natural or juridical person, as well as a company that has idle capacity.

Available capital:
There are no limits or minimum amounts. It can be foreign capital, local capital or a mix of these two.

The Maquila industries are free to settle anywhere in the Paraguayan territory, adapting to regional requirements if it is the case.

Type of business:
May be individuals or legal entities (Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Branches of Foreign Companies or Limited Individual companies).

Field of production:
There are no restrictions regarding the field. Any kind of products and services can be produced and offered.

Labor Law:
Relations between workers and employers are regulated by the guidelines of the current Labor Code - Law 213/93, which among other things states that;
-The salary may be paid per month, day, hour, or work unit. The minimum wage must be paid for 8 working hours per day or 48 working hours per week.
-The employment relationship must be formalized through private contracts of employment.
-The company must register in the Labor Department of the Ministry of Justice and Labor.
- An annual salary or bonus must be paid to the worker. This bonus must be equivalent to one twelfth of all compensation received during the year.
-Holidays are regulated by the following scale:
* Up to 5 years: 12 days.
* Up to 10 years: 18 days.
* From 11 years: 30 days.
-Social Security: in addition to the regulations established by the Labor Code, Maquila industries must comply with the Law No. 98/92, which regulates social security for employees.
-According to Law No. 98/92, the employer makes a monthly contribution equivalent to 16.5% of the amount earned by each worker, besides the employee's contribution of 9%. This social security regime covers the risks of illness or accident of paid employees and their families, maternity, accidents at work, occupational diseases and pensions for disabilities, old age and death, plus retirement and supplementary pensions.



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