Quiénes Somos: CNIME - Consejo Nacional de la Industria Maquiladora de Exportación

The Executive Office of CNIME is the gateway for new businesses wishing to set up assembly plants in Paraguay and the permanent link with companies that have already been installed in the country, by providing a continuous advisory service and facilitating the procedures of these companies before other state institutions.

Among the tasks of the Executive Office are the development and assessment of policies for the promotion of maquila companies and the gradual incorporation of local labor, raw materials and inputs. It also seeks the continuous improvement of regulatory and operational conditions to increase the competitiveness of the regime and the companies operating in it. CNIME drives internal and external negotiations which seek to strengthen and increase the export potential of the regime, in coordination with the private sector.

The Executive Office is in charge of promoting the regime in a direct and personalized way, with a previous identification of potential investors.

The Executive Office shall be managed by a representative proposed by the Ministry of Finance and shall be in charge of applying everything established in this Law and its Regulations, as well as the administrative dealings with regard to the Maquila Export Industries.



Tels.: (595-21) 611 361 - 663-950