Quiénes Somos: CNIME - Consejo Nacional de la Industria Maquiladora de Exportación

The   National Council of the Export Maquila Industry (CNIME), as an advisor of the Ministries of Industry &Trade and Finance, is composed by the following members appointed by the Executive on proposals from the respective departments:

  • A representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • A representative of the Ministry of Finance.
  • A representative of the Central Bank of Paraguay.
  • A representative of the Technical Planning for Economic and Social Development State Office.
  • A representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

CNIME is directed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In addition, each institution will have a main and an alternate representative. Council members shall be people that are suitable for this job and they shall not receive any compensation for it.


  • Formulate and evaluate general guidelines and also specific guidelines by area or industry, to develop policies for the promotion and operation of Maquila companies and to establish strategies to follow in order to achieve maximum system integration of the national raw materials and inputs through outsourcing. Also support the process of assimilation and adaptation of technologies to be incorporated by these companies.
  • Evaluate, issue prior opinion and report these to both Ministries in order for them to grant consent through Official resolution in the following cases:
    • All permits corresponding to these companies.
      • Project or program of Maquila activities.
      • Initial permit for the import of machinery and equipment.
      • Permission for the import of raw materials and inputs needed for production.
      • Permission to modify, extend, reduce, suspend or cancel the Maquila Program.
    • The transfer of machinery, tools and equipment between companies that have authorized programs.
    • The transfer of machinery and equipment by Maquila companies to non-maquila producers who are their suppliers.
  • Establish a Registry for applications and records of authorizations granted.
  • Rule on matters related to the Maquila Export Industries that are not foreseen in the preceding clauses.
  • Coordinate the activities of all institutions involved in the management of the Maquila companies.



Tels.: (595-21) 611 361 - 663-950