Quiénes Somos: CNIME - Consejo Nacional de la Industria Maquiladora de Exportación


Paraguay is from 2 hours by flight from important centers such as: Buenos Aires, San Paulo, Montevideo and Santiago.  Is at the heart of the so-called bi-oceanic corridor, currently under construction, which allows easy access to major ports and markets of the region, as well as  access to free ports located on the Atlantic and Pacific.

Current network of free ports:

  • Argentina: Buenos Aires and Rosario
  • Brazil: Paranagua, Santos, Rio Grande do Sul
  • Chile: Antofagasta and Iquique
  • Uruguay: Montevideo and Nueva Palmira

For this reason, Paraguay is the most convenient gateway to the Southern Common Market, MERCOSUR, of which it is a founding partner. MERCOSUR is a potential market of 280 million people and  is composed by:  Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, as well as by associate members:  Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.
Paraguay can incorporate up to 60% of outside origin, and 40% of regional origin to get MERCOSUR origin and therefore enter the market of Mercosur tariff free. This benefit was extended to Paraguay until 2022.


Labor Costs: Labor costs are extremely competitive, with the lowest costs on social security of the region.
Land: Real estate prices are extremely affordable. The average price of an acre is 500 USD in the Eastern Region and between 100 USD and 1000 USD in the Western Region. Asunción, capital of Paraguay, has been declared the world's cheapest capital for the fifth consecutive year, according to the British firm Mercer Human Resource.
Energy and Water: Paraguay produces the cheapest electric energy of MERCOSUR.

Electro-intensive industries have the best infrastructure to meet the requirements of technological development.
Itaipu, binational venture with Brazil, is the world's largest hydroelectric dam in terms of power. Its installed capacity is of 14,000 megawatts and produces about 90,000 Giga watt / hour.
Paraguay consumes only about 10% of the energy produced,  so it has a large amount of electrical energy at very low cost.
Adding to the production of the Itaipu hidroelectric dam;  the Yacyreta hidroelectric dam, built with Argentina, places Paraguay as the leading exporter of electricity in the world; 100% renewable, with no  gas emissions that produce the "greenhouse effect".


Paraguay has the lowest corporate income tax  of the region established by law, according to the document  “Paying Taxes”.




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