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In order for the Maquila company to operate as such, it must have the approval of its Maquila program, which consists of a detailed explanation of all activities related to maquila operations, as stipulated in the contract between the Head Office and the Maquila company.

The Maquila program approval, as well as other permits required by the system, will be actually made through the CNIME approval and the signature of a Joint Ministerial Resolution, signed by the Minister of Industry and Trade and the Minister of Finance.


The Maquila Law states that the CNIME Executive Office should provide a guide, with the respective forms applicable to the different types of Maquila which might have been requested.  The program should be written in Spanish, and the several documents presented with the program should be translated by a licensed professional in Paraguay.

The Maquila Program to be presented to CNIME Executive Office shall contain:

  • Applicant Information;
  • Characteristics of the Maquila program, the type of program to be implemented and is operating mode;
  • Data concerning the activity to be developed or services rendered;
  • Relevant data concerning labor generation, raw materials, supplies and machinery  to be used in the maquila process, suppliers and destination of the products, export, import, value added, among other issues.

The mentioned program should be submitted with a note asking for approval of the maquila program.

You can open or download the files below (Microsoft Word and Excel are needed)

Modelo de Nota de Solicitud de Aprobación
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Modelo de Programa Maquila
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para llenado
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Cuestionario Ambiental Básico
Decreto Nº 14.281/96
Secretaría del Medio Ambiente (SEAM)
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para imprimir
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